When and where are the meetings held?

  • Membership meetings are at Whitefield Academy, Mableton, GA on Monday nights beginning May. There will also be a Saturday morning on-field training in August this is required of all members. All new members will pick up on-field experience at this meeting.

Is there an application form to be completed?

  • There are three - (ADOBE Reader required -  get adobe )
    • 1st registers you with GOAA  (.pdf)
    • 2nd is your independent contractors agreement (.pdf)
    • 3rd registers you with the Georgia High School Association  (.pdf)

How much time will I be expected to commit?

  • You should attend all Monday night meetings. You will also be expected to participate in pre-season scrimmages and work sub-varsity games assigned for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons (some Saturdays as well), and Varsity clocks on Friday nights.
  • You will also devote time on your own to studying Rules and Mechanics. Rules and Mechanics training materials will be provided to you after you've registered.

When will I be paid for the games I've worked?

  • Checks will be issued in December,  In the future, we will be working on paying monthly as soon as the High Schools get on board with RefPay.

What kind of training is offered?

  • Training begins on "Day One" and is ongoing - year after year. You'll expand your rules knowledge through self-study materials (provided for you), weekly meetings and through applied, "on-field" experience.
  • Field experience will begin with pre-season scrimmages and continues with sub-varsity games on Thursday afternoons and some Saturdays. You'll be assigned to work these games with veteran officials who will be providing you with feedback throughout the season.

What will it cost to get started?

  • Annual State registration consist of $42.00 for GHSA registration and GHSA Background Check, plus an additional $15 for GHSA All Access card (optional). This must be paid at registration.
  • You can pick up a "starter" equipment package at around $150.00 through mail order from Honigs.  Other suppliers are listed on our popular links page.

When can I expect to be on the field on Friday nights?

  • Work all of your assigned sub-varsity games and learn the rules - these two items are key to starting your Friday night Varsity assignments.