Mission/Goal Statement

GOAA’s mission is to focus on the rules, mechanics, and philosophies set forth by the GHSA and NFHS to officiate every game as if it were the state championship and conduct the organization in a manner of respect for each member as well the administration, coaches, players, and fans.

Statement of Values

  • GOAA members should prepare for the season and every game by studying the rules, mechanics and philosophies provided by GHSA and NFHS to allow them to enter the field of play with the ability to officiate the game with full confidence.
  • GOAA members should seek to uphold the integrity of the game and treat administrators, coaches, players, and fans with the utmost respect at all times.
  • GOAA will work within the organization to treat all officials with the respect they deserve and to treat them all the same no matter their status or experience.
  • GOAA will assign games among the officials based on each official’s knowledge, aptitude, and experience and will make these assignments in a way to place the best third team on the field for every game.
  • GOAA pledges to our state association, our schools and our officials to work tirelessly to improve from the top down as well as from the bottom up.
  • GOAA believes appearance is an important part of the game and therefore will strive to be in shape and wear the GOAA uniforms with pride.
  • GOAA’s primary concern will always be for the safety of the players, and we will err on the side of caution whenever necessary.