Comments on the 2013 Football Rules Changes

SOLID-COLORED TOWELS NOW LEGAL (1-5-3a(5)a): The committee modified the rule regarding the authorized wearing of a moisture-absorbing towel. Towels that are one solid color may now be worn, as long as they are not the color of the football or penalty flag. The towel cannot have no more than one visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark, which cannot exceed 2 ¼ square inches in any dimension. Towels worn by teammates must be the same color. Previously, the towel could only be white and unmarked.

Special Acknowledgement!

Two of our own, Cecil Gray and Doug Roe, have both been selected to umpire the Elite Eight at the Cooperstown NY Invitational Youth Baseball Tournament.

Doug worked behind the plate on Wednesday, June 12th in the first no hitter this year. He has also been selected as the Crew Chief.

Congratulations guys!

2013-14 Football Dates

In answer to several inquiries, the following football dates have been set for the 2013-14 school year. The calendar will not be officially adopted until the April meeting of the State Executive Committee.

2013-14 Football Dates

July 25 - Conditioning Practice

Aug. 30 - First Contest

Nov. 9 - End of Regular Season

Nov. 15-16 - First Round of Playoffs (Bye week for Class A)

GOAA will start using RefPay to pay you for your games worked this this season.  With RefPay your monies earned will be directly deposited into your bank account, no need to worry about lost checks.

Please reference the following document for instructions when creating a RefPay account.  ► RefPaySignup.pdf


GPB Telethon

GPB logo

GOAA Officials giving back once again! On Sunday evening, GOAA gave back to our community by volunteering our time in answering telephones for GPB telethon on 12/09/12. We don't only work hard on the football field but we also work hard in giving back to our community that we live in.


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