2013-14 Football Dates

In answer to several inquiries, the following football dates have been set for the 2013-14 school year. The calendar will not be officially adopted until the April meeting of the State Executive Committee.

2013-14 Football Dates

July 25 - Conditioning Practice

Aug. 30 - First Contest

Nov. 9 - End of Regular Season

Nov. 15-16 - First Round of Playoffs (Bye week for Class A)


GOAA will start using RefPay to pay you for your games worked this this season.  With RefPay your monies earned will be directly deposited into your bank account, no need to worry about lost checks.

Please reference the following document for instructions when creating a RefPay account.  ► RefPaySignup.pdf


GPB Telethon

GPB logo

GOAA Officials giving back once again! On Sunday evening, GOAA gave back to our community by volunteering our time in answering telephones for GPB telethon on 12/09/12. We don't only work hard on the football field but we also work hard in giving back to our community that we live in.

2012 ACC Football Officials' Mini-Clinic

Annual ACC Football Officials’ Mini-Clinic to Take Place on Saturday, December 1st,  2:30-6pm at the Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC
For more information and to purchase tickets, please call (336) 331-3820. Registration ends on November 7th and space is limited.
Officials Will Receive Career Instruction, Game Ticket to the 2012 Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship Game, Gift Certificates, and More.

Knee Pads MUST Be Worn


According to GHSA the knee pad rule is being called very inconsistently. Please look at the Rule as written . We should mention to the Coach before the game that knee pads must be worn properly. If a player enter a ball game with improper knee pads he will be sent out for it to be corrected. If that player is allowed to play it becomes a liability issue.


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