2019 GAOA "Officiate Georgia Day Conference"

GAOA’s 2019 Officiate Georgia Day Conference (OGAD) is taking place Saturday July 13th at Campbell high School, Smyrna, Georgia 30080.

Register for GAOA’s 2019 OGAD conference today at GAAthleticOfficials.org.

One of the most important opportunities OGAD affords us each year is the chance for member officials to make their voices heard in our sport-specific breakout sessions. These sessions provide officials an opportunity to discuss with peers which policies and procedures are going well and which ones need to be tweaked to improve conditions for officials in Georgia. It is the direct means by which GAOA’s member officials provide an organizational mandate to amplify your thoughts and concerns regarding your careers and experiences as officials.

Amoung the speakers this year is Jerome Boger, NFL Referee 2013 Super Bowl

Jerome Boger

GAOA hopes to hear from all of you in person during these important sessions so that your voices can be registered and reflected towards your best interests as officials. Our ability to represent your best interests is directly affected by your direct and vocal participation in OGAD and its sport-specific break-out sessions.